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Kay’s background in business coaching and mentoring with some of the major businesses and financial institutions in South Africa, together with her working background over many years and her training gives her a wealth of experience to be able to support individuals to grow and progress in whatever area they feel necessary.

Challenges may be around understanding ours and others behaviour, performance, or how to transform a situation and move forward. Each individual’s needs will be different and will involve an individual approach.

Some of the areas that are considered involve:

Understanding where you might be in your life from different perspectives – we look at eight different elements to test your current view

Clarifying what you would like to work on and improve within a specific time frame

Goal setting and how to manage and maintain your plans

You owe it to yourself to create the best future possible and Kay will help you to identify the risks and opportunities for your future as you go through the coaching process
Home About Kay Services Articles Links Contacts