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With many years’ experience in General Management, Risk Management, Financial Services entities and Insurance/Risk Financing aspects, Kay has decided to focus primarily on the issues around our increasing longevity in her consulting business. Some say that after Climate Change, the increasing years that people will live and will need to be supported, will have the greatest impact on most countries in the World.

From how state pensions will be financed in the future to how to ensure that our elders enjoy their future lives, it will be critical for companies to understand this rapidly emerging risk and to form appropriate strategies around how to manage the consequences – it’s not just about your staff – your customer profile may change, your communication and technology strategies may need to be adjusted and marketing to “Baby Boomers” is a whole new ballgame!

Kay continues to focus specifically on these issues within her businesses from FutureRisk to Fifty Plus Harties and is available for a strategic risk discussion or review to give you more insight into how those who have perhaps just retired, or who may be retiring in the next five years or so, will be enjoying another 30 years of their future lives, potentially as a skilled adviser and most likely as a well-informed consumer.

Kay is also available for specific training initiatives to appraise your teams on the topic of longevity as it may impact their specific disciplines and is also available to talk to groups as appropriate around these risks and opportunities.
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