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So – you retired, you have done some of the things on your bucket list, some of your plans worked out and others did not go so well – it’s time to re-think the next phase of your life so you can enjoy a balanced future lifestyle!

Kay has met a number of people who have retired in the past few years and interviewed many of them whilst researching her latest venture – Fifty Plus Harties. Although the majority are relatively happy with their lifestyle, they all had some elements they feel they need to improve to feel more satisfied as they continue with their future lifestyle.

We realise that you can play golf every day, and that for some that might be enough, but as we age we need to re-think the risks and opportunities around our future, are we maintaining our health – mental, physical and spiritual, are we living our purpose, are we having fun? How would we deal with a major event like the loss of a partner or being diagnosed with a severe illness, have we put our “pop off file” together for those we might leave behind?

The work and research Kay has completed for Fifty Plus Harties has identified the majority of issues we face as we go into our future lives and planning correctly for these will help to maximise that future.

Kay will work with the various shell elements shown below to support you with a review of your future plans and how they might work best for you and your future lifestyle, she will also share her own experiences both personally and thoughts gained from the various interviews conducted over the past year.
Fifty Plus Harties
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