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Our increasing longevity requires that we consider the risks and opportunities for the next phase of our lives sooner rather than later!
In the past much has been discussed about your future financial needs but other than that aspect, training or thinking around your other needs has sadly been ignored by most people. Having someone to work with you and discuss the various elements that will impact your future will give you the opportunity to consider all of the aspects as you get towards “retirement”, or that period of your life where you should be enjoying what you do, rather than being restricted because of inadequate planning.

Kay retired “early” at 55 and has hands on experience of most aspects that are reflected in the shell model which she set up for another of her companies, Fifty Plus Harties, shown to the right.

Kay will work with you and your partner if required, to consider your approach to your future lifestyle and will support you to discover what you need to think about in the time you have left before you leave any formal full-time employment role.

Longevity Risk & Opportunity diagram
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