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Whether you have an existing small business or you intend creating one it is always great to share your ideas with someone who has had experience of setting up entities and closing them down :-)

With a risk and opportunity balanced focus, Kay can support you as you work through your thoughts and dreams for your future!

Some of the elements that will be reviewed are:
What exactly do you want to achieve?
  Where will your business be based and where will it operate?
  Why this specific business, does it need a re-vamp, what research have you done?
  When will you need help from others to run the business?
  Who you trust to support you as you continue with your project?
  How will you go about your re-vamp or new business project
How much will things cost for the setup or changes that you envisage and what funding might you need?

Kay will work with you coaching and mentoring as needed and provide you with a sounding board to test your ideas.
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