Six years after changing my formal work-life balance and “retiring early” from an executive role as a General Manager in the corporate arena, I have decided to focus my interests and work around longevity. It has been fascinating to learn and understand more about the risks and opportunities around our increasing longevity and how proactive and healthy aging is key to our future success!

 Whilst running two small businesses and supporting others to grow and market their own small businesses, I have been able to learn and experience a number of the aspects that help to clarify how to go about setting up a business and specifically how to research and market these types of entities. From my appointment to our local HOA Board for two years to researching and setting up a local information and communication hub and whilst still running FutureRisk and keeping in touch with the Risk Management and Insurance world, I appreciate the balance required between all the elements necessary for a happy and healthy future life as we age.

With over 45 years focused experience in the Insurance, Risk Financing, Risk Management, Medical Aid, Pension Funds, General Management and Coaching disciplines I have been able to support some of our current and future leaders to grow their skills and knowledge and I have now extended this focus to include those who might need some guidance on their pre and post retirement challenges.

I have been extremely fortunate over the years to have worked with some wonderful people and I am proud that the majority of colleagues, both internal to companies where I have worked and external being clients and suppliers, still maintain contact with me. The importance of solid networks becomes more relevant as one moves into the coaching and consulting space!

I am particularly proud of the following appointments and achievements during my career:-

  • Primary lead in setting up the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) and first President
  • King II – developing governance in SA – Audit and Risk Management sub committee
  • Chief Executive and Principal Officer – Eskom Medical Aid Society – including the closure, member transfer, run down and hand-over of the entity
  • General Manager (Risk Management) Eskom Holdings – set up of Integrated Risk Management for the SOE including Ethics, Security, Insurance, Risk Financing
  • Executive Director – Escap SOC Limited. Executive Director and Shareholder representative – Gallium Limited (Isle of Man), including the closure and novation of liabilities to Escap
  • Member representative – European Mutual Association for Nuclear Insurance (EMANI)
  • Completing and publishing a risk research report for IRMSA on the impact of the failure of the Kariba dam and a technical paper on Longevity Risk & Opportunity
  • Researching and setting up an information and communication hub focusing on elements relevant to those Fifty Plus in SA – Fifty Plus South Africa

My specific skills and background include the following:

  • Short and Long term Insurance and Risk Financing, Corporate and Personal Lines
  • Employee Benefits Risk Financing – integration of Health and Wellness, People Risk Management
  • Personal Risk Management – focusing on the individual
  • Captive Insurance Companies – Underwriting, Management and Claims
  • Longevity Risk & Opportunity – Individuals and Companies
  • Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Medical Aid Funds, Pension and Provident Funds
  • Individual coaching and mentoring

My qualifications and professional memberships:

  • Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII)
  • Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Institute of Risk Management SA (IRMSA)
  • Previously a member of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA)
  • Previously a member of the Institute of Directors SA (IODSA)
  • Internal Coach Certificate – The Coaching Centre
  • Registered Coach and Member of the Coaching and Mentoring Association (COMENSA)

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