Engagement options 

Chat to us at FutureRisk if the following may be of interest to you or your business – we tailor our engagement with you specifically for your needs:-

Future planning and Coaching for individuals

Business Coaching is available for individuals who are looking to improve their business or career prospects.

Longevity Coaching for individuals includes working with eight specific elements for longer term planning, it also considers specific risks and opportunities for review.

Retirement planning and Coaching

Pre-retirement Planning and Coaching is intended for individuals who are thinking of retiring and want to ensure they have a holistic view of all the elements necessary for their future success. 

Post-retirement planning for individuals accepts that the decision to retire has already been made but circumstances may have changed or limited planning was undertaken before retirement.

Business and product Longevity  Strategy and Planning

Understanding the impact of longevity on your business, your product or service and the changes coming in the future from people to reputation to technology and other aspects specific to your business.

The Fifty Plus in South Africa

Appreciating that our increasing longevity requires a deeper understanding of those entering the second phase of their lives and how companies might respond to their needs. www.fiftyplussa.co.za

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